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Demonstrating the impact of mapping global biodiversity



Freshwater habitats cover 1% of the earth’s surface but are home to 10% of known animals, 30% of vertebrates and over 50% of fish. These habitats are under threat however there is limited knowledge about the status and distribution of these species in order to effectively tackle the problem.


Using eDNA technology, the eBioAtlas programme aims to gather data at scale on these species. Greenhouse used the announcement of a partnership between NatureMetrics and IUCN to launch an international media campaign, advancing conservation efforts, increasing investment opportunities and informing future biodiversity policy.


The campaign resulted in 37 pieces of high-profile coverage, with an estimated reach of almost 8 million. Interviews were secured across The Guardian, Reuters, euronews and BBC World Service Newsday and notable trade publications such as Mining Global, Mining Weekly and Water Briefing also covered the story.


The campaign established the credibility od eBioAtlas and NatureMetrics providing opportunities with potential funders, partners and clients such as the Sustainability Director from Viña Concha y Toro in Chile. Coverage in mining and water trades also reached a key target audience, highlighting the importance of industries to mitigate their biodiversity risk.

Media Coverage