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Building a nationwide network for EVs



To tackle the UK’s air quality crisis and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon transport system, the UK needs reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, that encourages adoption of low emission vehicles.


Launch a series of announcements for Engenie – a provider of easy to use, accessible, rapid EV chargers powered by renewables. Use partnerships with well-known brands including Marston’s Inns and Taverns to increase credibility and communicate business and environmental benefits of installing rapid EV charging points. Position Engenie as an authority on low-carbon transport and clean air.


Achieved >40 pieces of broadcast, print and online coverage in two months. Strong national coverage on BBC News, Daily Express and Mail Online, plus >30 articles in transport, business and green media as well as podcast coverage on EV News Daily.


Generated several new business enquiries and at least one meaningful lead in month one. Built Engenie’s reputation as a timely, go-to media commentator on a number of topics including clean air, EVs and low-carbon transport.

Media Coverage