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Launching the first urban airport for flying EV taxis



Develop zero emissions infrastructure and systems that will enable the uptake of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts, such as cargo drones and air taxis.


Devised and delivered a communications campaign to announce the launch of Air-One, the world’s first airport and charging hub for eVTOL aircrafts, due to open in Coventry in late 2021. Urban Air Port was selected as the winner of the UK government’s Future Flight Challenge.


Delivered over 400 pieces of broadcast, national, international, trade and regional coverage and reaching over four billion people. Highlights include coverage in The Times, ITV News and World Economic Forum.


The campaign sparked interest and conversation around the world about the future of transport, whilst positioning Urban Air Port as a key player and innovator within the urban air mobility infrastructure space

Media Coverage