Greenhouse wins PRCA Specialist Consultancy of the Year award

A group of people in green t-shirts stand cheering at the camera

While we may not have been able to celebrate our win on the dancefloor, there was virtual jubilation this week when we were announced as the PRCA’s Specialist Consultancy of the Year.

This industry recognition is not only gratifying for our team, whose creativity and tenacity earnt us the accolade, it is also indicative of an important shift in environmental awareness.

From PR to policy, 2019 was the year that climate action went mainstream.

Momentum had been building from the moment the IPCC published their landmark report in late 2018, warning that we only had 12 years left to limit catastrophic climate breakdown.

And in 2019 that momentum came to a head. Extinction Rebellion shut down central London, Attenborough topped Netflix ratings and the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency. But it was Greta’s army of student strikers that lit the touch paper.

student strikers

Climate change exploded onto the front pages and the streets, through direct action and protest on a level not seen before.

As an agency that specialises in environmental communications, this was the tipping point we’d been waiting for. Our mission stems from a deep-rooted commitment to address climate change and its impact on the world’s poorest people.

Having worked exclusively with clients accelerating the transition to net-zero for over a decade, our expertise and creativity in communicating solutions placed us firmly at the centre of this renewed movement for change.

Our strategy focused on three areas:

Staying true to our mission

Whether it’s embedding nature friendly principles in farming policy, shifting billions from fossil fuel investment, increasing uptake of sustainable palm oil or lobbying against toxic viscose in the fast fashion supply chain, each one of our campaigns delivers tangible impact.

Prospective clients are evaluated based on strict ethical criteria and we turn away clients if we are not able to commit wholeheartedly to their business.

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation, a global accreditation scheme which recognises businesses that put purpose before profit and meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. 

Investing in an integrated offer 

We grew our digital team from two to five, recruiting specialists in SEO, social media advertising and strategic planning to enhance our existing offer and ensure we’re providing a truly integrated service to our clients.

With more pressure than ever before on governments and policy makers, we launched a public affairs offer to ensure political stakeholders are equipped to provide a robust policy framework and roadmap to 2050.

Now is the time for proactive engagement to support the government to keep a laser focus on COP26 and the broader climate agenda.

Growing a team committed to positive change

We doubled our staff in 2019 to meet the increased demand for expert communications support and service our growing client base.

PRCA award

We align our work with our values, resulting in an energising culture based on mutual respect and a total commitment to shared goals. In a recent survey, 100% of staff said the company is dedicated to accelerating positive change and that they are surrounded by people who share their values.

We walk the walk, running the business on green energy, subsidising cycling to work, operating a slow travel policy and buying organic produce from local suppliers.

We support 1% profit for the planet and invest 30% of consultancy time pro-bono to help mission-driven NGOs and charities.

Effective communication is absolutely crucial if we are going to achieve net-zero. We need the very best PR professionals to use their skills to help accelerate climate action. We hope that winning this PRCA award will help us to attract the industry’s top talent and demonstrate that business can and should be a force for good.

If you’re looking for a change and want to be able to combine passion and purpose and make a positive impact on the world around you, please send a cover letter and CV to

Here are some of the comments from the judges at the PRCA National Awards 2020:

“This was such a refreshing entry to read! A real example of an agency that is living its values every single day – demonstrated through both their client comments and staff feedback, with 100% of employees believing that they’re accelerating change. I love that 1% of profits are dedicated to the planet and 30% to pro bono clients. Greenhouse is clearly at a tipping point in its market where its offering and skills are going to grow and grow in value.”

“Feel like they live and breathe their passions. Really genuine. Every touch point considered in delivering an all-round green company and supporting employees on personal levels. Impressive!”

“This is an articulate and powerful entry for a business whose time has come.”